“How can we possibly have so many clothes, but yet so little to wear?”
Paradox of Fashion shines light on conflicting choices and contradictions in the fashion industry. A collection of friendly visual reminders meant to break behavioral patterns in consuming clothes.

Facing my clothes

In the fashion industry, we see many contradictions. The purchase of a garment is easily done with a click of a button. This results in overflowing wardrobes and large amounts of discarded clothing. At the same time, we are aware of the negative impact of this type of behavior on the environment and social conditions, such as child labor.

Love and hate

We developed a series of visualized equations about fashion and clothing. By comparing the images, duality emerges. Consider the duality between the love of fashion and the hate for the industry. With Paradox of Fashion we want to shake people up, encourage them to think, make difficult matters negotiable and stimulate discussion on a daily basis.