“Why does my mind always tempt me to consume more than my body needs?”
Our food culture depicted through surprising visuals.
We developed this book full of illustrations examining how we deal with nutrition and food. We did this in a visual manner, often through infographics, investigation and by asking questions. The book is not a cookbook, nor a book with commands and restrictions regarding food. Rather, what fascinated us is the incredible abundance of food surrounding us everywhere. And that nowadays, instead of having to gather food, we have to restrain ourselves or at least be open to making more conscious choices.

Creating insight into our ways with food

This book started as a personal frustration. We are frustrated over food becoming such an easily disposable product while many people in the world are starving. Standing in a supermarket, we feel overwhelmed by the abundance of product choices. We wondered what influence marketeers have on our eating habits. By visualizing our observations and illustrating our perspective, we gained a clear insight into these questions. The reason we eat is certainly not only in response to a physical need anymore but also involves a psychological need. Sometimes our findings shocked us. At other times they were somewhat comforting. This book is not meant to impose yet another opinion on the subject matter, nor will it give you pointers for a healthy lifestyle. It will provide you with a clear image and a better understanding of how we handle our food in western society.

Visual feedback

We provide you with surprising insights into our often absurd manner of dealing with food by investigating the measurable side of our nutrition and eating behaviors. An example of this is the number of eating establishments within a radius of 500 meters in any given medium-sized city. According to our observations, this number is 208. Inconceivable! We visualized the differences between an apple and a mars bar. And the expiration date of various fresh and packaged foods and the ingredients of different food products. We also depict the stress brought on by the sheer volume of choices faced with standing in the supermarket aisles.

We created a book full of visual stories that amaze you and you want to pass on.